Policy outline

Sometimes people ask us questions: 

Why can't we become a member? 

The centre was designed to meet the needs of those with a disability. Work through Aiming High for Disabled Children identified the need for a purpose built centre in Warrington, and working with potential users, parents and carers the equipment was identified and purchased. 

Through a selection process to assess membership, we provide a service which overcomes some of the disadvantages disabled children and adults face when visiting other play venues, e.g. no large changing facilities in accessible toilets, staff and public unsure how to react to different behaviour and meeting specific physical needs

Does that mean you only have disabled people here? 

No, sometimes members want to bring family or friends. They can bring up to two siblings at a time; unless they are having a party then it can be up to 25 friends. 

We also run sessions for pre-school children without additional needs but these attendees do not have membership status and can only attend these sessions unless they are a guest of an existing member. 

Aren't you discriminating against non disabled people? 

Disability is a protected characteristic within the Equality Act 2010 and providing membership for only for disabled people at the centre will encourage and enable them to participate in physical activities within a safe environment adapted to meet their needs. It had been shown that there was not enough adequate or suitable provision in Warrington to meet their needs. 

Non disabled children and adults have a wealth of provision throughout the town that they can access. To find out more information contact 

Warrington Families Information Service: 01925 443131


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