In July of 2017 Warrington play and Sensory centre were awarded a very generous grant from carriers for causes in partnership with our local one stop store in Woolston. Here are just a few pictures of the wonderful equipment we have been able to purchase for the enjoyment of all visitors to Warrington play and sensory centre!  


The new visualite ceiling panels in the sensory room 


staff + mayor opening visualites.jpg

Warrington play and sensory centre staff opening the new lights with the mayor of Warrington 


carriers for causes fish.jpg

The new (and very eye catching!) reception visualite 


carriers for causes sensory tiles .jpg (1)

Liquid floor tiles for the sensory room. 


carriers for causes ikea .jpg

A collection of fantastic toys accessible to sensory centre users! 


Kitchen equipment - carriers for causes promotional .jpg

Some of Warrington play and sensory centre members playing with the new house and kitchen! 


carriers for causes wall puzzles .jpg

New, interactive wall panels


mayor + projector.jpg

The mayor of Warrington opening up the new projector in the calm zone! 


carriers for causes logos.jpg